Kent and Tim have handled every aspect of our acquisition of the Allanoke Manor and Apartments in Berkeley, allowing us to own an asset ideally suited to our needs one block from UC campus.  No other broker has come close to the level of service Kent and Tim provide and we will always turn to them first for our commercial real estate needs.

Kosta M., Allanoke Manor and Apartments

For those who might be considering using the Mitchell Warren Team to help sell a commercial property, I found them to be capable and immensely professional.  Tim Warren and Kent Mitchell helped Metropolitan Bank sell a commercial property, located in downtown Oakland, CA.  Throughout that representation, they were transparent, communicative, honorable and considerate of my time.  I would not hesitate to use their services again.

Henry K.

Tim Warren and Kent Mitchell are and continue to be the most knowledgeable and dedicated real estate brokers I have had the pleasure of working with. Their knowledge of Oakland and surrounding Bay Area markets is unmatched. Their consistent and professional attitude is a refreshing change and pleasant surprise as many in the industry can come across less so. You’d be hard pressed to find another broker that will work as hard as they do.

Tim & Emily C.

When deciding to work with a realtor, there are some key qualities to look for that are essential to a positive & successful realtor/client relationship. These qualities include: honesty & integrity, working knowledge & experience in the real estate market you are seeking to conduct business in, business acumen, responsiveness, and great attention to detail. Tim Warren possesses all of these characteristics.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tim on 2 “commercial” transactions. Prior to working with him, while several other real estate brokers made promises of being able to sell my building for $1.1MM, $1.2MM, etc., Tim was the only one who gave me the formula for success. This allowed me to make informed decisions and helped us achieve our financial goals.

On the sell side, with Tim’s guidance, we were able to sell our building for 2 X’s the original purchase price 5 years earlier. When others just made promises, Tim executed and achieved the best results.

On the buy side, Tim kept his eye open on every avenue and helped us explore the market options to determine what would work, and not work for our goals.

Tim is very giving of his time and insights. We never felt rushed or wondering if a property would work for us. Tim Warren in a true professional and we would highly recommend his services.

Midrise multifamily propertyKen H.

I recently purchased a 17000sq ft commercial property in the thriving Downtown Oakland market. I had been looking for a few months and was really disappointed to find that it often took me two or three phone calls to reach an agent about any property I made inquiries on. I have an Endodontic practice for about 15 years and communication with my referrals is everything, so I find I work best with people who understand the importance of communication and understand that “tomorrow” is often “too late”.

From the moment I phoned Tim, to the close of the transaction, and even to this day, he either takes the call immediately or calls me back within the hour. This was key to my purchasing the building as there were multiple offers. Some of the agents representing to the other buyers lost the building for their client due to delays in communicating information to the seller.  I am grateful to Tim for finding me exactly what I needed, for being available whenever I needed him, for pointing out the pros and cons of other buildings I looked at and for helping me understand what was important in the long run.  When I come up for air after construction and look for another place, Tim will be the first person I call!

Priya O.

Tim and Kent did not disappoint.  There wasn’t a hoop that they weren’t able to handle. Tim and Kent had our backs throughout the entire process and were able to get us TOP price for the building. The highest compliment you can bestow upon someone in business is that you would recommend them to your family and friends. I will and would hire them again.  NAI Real Estate is very lucky to have Tim and Kent represent them.  Thank you, Tim and Kent!

Wendi M.

Tim represented us as the buyer’s agent in the recent purchase of a rental property. He is extremely knowledgeable in the commercial and multi-unit property market. We couldn’t have found a better agent than Tim to guide us through the stressful process of acquiring a rental property. Tim is communicative, honest and has great integrity. He followed up and followed through on many items that we brought up throughout the process. We highly recommend Tim as the agent for your next property transaction. And we will definitely work with him again for our future acquisitions.

Cory T.

I have worked with Tim over the past few months on a few projects. He is very well versed in his trade and provides the highest level of customer service and industry experience. Very few people will go above and beyond the way that Tim has. His exemplary knowledge of all aspects of the industry allows him to provide pertinent information and solid advice.  I would highly recommend him.

Soumil A.

Kent and Tim sold some properties to my investment company. They were quick and efficient, advocated well for our position and went above and beyond to smooth out hiccups along the way. Overall we were extremely satisfied with their level of professionalism, work ethic, and dedication. We look forward to hiring them again as our real estate agents.

James K.

Kent Mitchell and Tim Warren are one of the elite real estate teams in the East Bay. They recently completed a commercial real estate transaction for our company in Oakland. We found them to be very considerate to the needs of their clients. Tim and Kent are well educated on the East Bay commercial real estate market. Within 30 days of working with them, we had a number of REAL interested buyers, and soon thereafter, went into contract for the purchase of our building. If you are looking for a hardworking, professional, people-oriented commercial real estate agents, contact Tim Warren and Kent Mitchell. You will not regret it!

Sandra F.