Kent Mitchell and Tim Warren know their market and are on-call to provide the skills and historical data combined with their recommendations based on current market conditions to value and position your properties.

They will assist you with reliable valuations with prompt turnaround. Kent and Tim know that when a client decides to evaluate or dispose of an asset or an entire portfolio, time is money. That’s why there is emphasize in the importance of speed, efficiency, and accuracy when delivering recommendations.

Property Valuations
Single Asset Valuation
Highest and Best Use Studies
Market Analysis
Portfolio Reviews and Valuations
Bankruptcy Valuations and Turnaround
Valuation of Sale Leasebacks
Benchmarking Studies


Kent Mitchell and Tim Warren have been providing their clients with the best available marketing resources and support systems to showcase their properties. From analytics to expert graphic design and creative solutions, our marketing professionals possess a broad yet highly-specialized skill set to ensure your asset’s benefits are noticed by your target audience and communicated effectively.

Teaser Brochure
Offering Memorandum
Press Releases


Kent Mitchell and Tim Warren with provide an in-depth local knowledge that is a critical component to navigating the dynamic commercial real estate market. This statistical data gathered from primary, secondary and tertiary markets and their submarkets and micro-markets, combined with the experience of industry professionals, you will be provided with the insight and resources to make informed decisions.

Sales Presentations
Market Reports
White Papers
Relevant Articles
Historical Data
Forecasts and Predictions
Quarterly Reports
Annual Reviews


Kent and Tim are consultancy experts that specialize in preparation and planning. They partner with clients anytime during the full life-cycle of their ownership, or as they transition from one location to another. You will be assisted for preparedness and forecast changes that effect each decision made toward your goals.

From reviewing your assets to creating feasibility analyses regarding your portfolio performance to the valuation and due diligence of a potential disposition, Kent and Tim encourage their clients to look before they leap and to take advantage of these consultancy services.